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Film & Theatre

Witness For The Prosecution review: perfectly staged at County Hall

The real courtroom setting ignites yet another production of the Agatha Christie masterpiece

Film & Theatre

The intriguing story of the Young Vic

London is the theatre capital of the world, reckons a new hardback book by Michael Coveney and Peter Dazeley


MUST DO: Tales From The Arabian Nights

Gather the little troops, pray to the weather-gods and enjoy some outdoor theatre this August

Film & Theatre

Look sharp Brixton, Ovalhouse is coming

Full steam ahead on the SW9 relocation thanks to a little boost from the Arts Council

Film & Theatre

Cathy Owen on Home Truths at the Bunker, Southwark

The acclaimed actor on the nine micro-plays, written by nine playwrights, on homelessness and the housing crisis

Film & Theatre

Review: Trainspotting, The Vaults

The new production is a shocking slice of immersive theatre in an atmospheric tunnel

Film & Theatre

Review: Closer To Heaven, Union Theatre

The musical by Pet Shop Boys and playwright Jonathan Harvey is back

Film & Theatre

MUST DO: South Social Film Festival

Central London has the BFI London Film Festival, east London has the East London Film Festival – and now south London has one to call its own


Score: a jukebox musical about heroin and child removal

Award-winning playwright Lucy Bell on her hit show which arrives at the Royal Festival Hall later this month

Film & Theatre

Review: Talking To Alice, Brockley Jack

This play tries to define the moment when ordinary human emotions become something to be labelled – and treated. And there’s much to admire