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Royal Vauxhall Tavern is now Britain’s first listed LGBTQ pub

Today it becomes the first building of its kind to be listed for history and heritage


Review: Kitchen Hijack at Job Centre

It may have been the gin, but Graeme Claridge isn’t sure how comfortable he feels in Deptford’s controversial pub, despite the top quality nosh

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Heard about South London Cares?

Programme Coordinator Tess Young on why you should consider volunteering for this valuable community asset in Southwark and Lambeth

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Why It Matters: eating your Local Greens

It all started with two mums who wanted to provide their neighbourhood with seasonal veg grown as near as possible to south east London…

Why It Matters

Why it Matters: fear of “mummy-fication”

I must admit to witnessing with some alarm, the gradual creeping in of more and more chain coffee shops, with their airport lounge furnishings and bland coffees

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Why It Matters: putting some thought into vegetarian menus

What do Honest Burger in Brixton, the Black Prince, Kennington, the Commercial in Herne Hill and Ganapati in Peckham all have in common? You might …

Why It Matters

Why It Matters: the Knee High Design Challenge

For the past two months we at the Design Council have been after your creative ideas that could help improve the health and wellbeing of …

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Why it Matters: in praise of Maggie’s in Lewisham, the ultimate greasy spoon

The greasy, prodigious breakfast leaves you full for days, but memories of the characters you meet will never depart Bank holiday hangover? What better balm …

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Why It Matters: Communal Gardening

London isn’t generous with its private green spaces and there is nothing more annoying to someone without a their own garden than seeing an unkempt …

Why It Matters

Why It Matters: Will Champagne + Fromage be Brixton Market’s “tipping point”?

This week, we’re throwing our weekly comment column over to you lot – those of you who live in or spend time in Brixton, at …