It twinkles by night. Photo: Numidie

It twinkles by night. Photo: Numidie

Where? The French-Algerian gaff that’s been perched on the hill in the Triangle for about 15 years. It’s all vintage fittings, red clay walls and shabby-chic this and that. At night it twinkles with candles and dangling lanterns. And Numidie, in case you didn’t know, is named after the ancient nation which more equates to present-day Algeria.

What? Well, the interesting fusion cooking, of course: it hops about across the Med, but it’s no worse for it. Try the fish tagine (which we preferred over a version made with confit duck), with bream and prawns; or go more southern Euro with scallops on cauliflower puree and red pepper salsa. Grilled swordfish, marinated in spices, is served with lemon chilli butter – and a top recommendation.

Scallops with cauliflower puree. Photo: Numidie

Scallops with cauliflower puree. Photo: Numidie

Why? There’s an awful lot of choice in CP these days, right? We also rate the Sparrowhawk, for example, if you can dodge the buggies, and the Crystal Palace Market cleans up every time for a fishy feast. But there’s only this North African joint here – so savour it.

Don’t: Forget there’s a handy little candle-lit cocktail bar downstairs for an aperitif or digestif. In fact, it’s often busier than the restaurant upstairs, crammed with hard-drinking locals downing a few whiskies after a packed commute back to SE19.

The fish tagine. Photo: David O'Brien

The fish tagine. Photo: David O’Brien

Notes: It’s not exactly cheap, but it ain’t too pricey neither. Expect to pay about £5-8 for a starter, and around £15 for a main (more for the specials like the swordfish). Some of the couscous dishes are a bit cheaper. Overall, sharing a £20 bottle of wine between two, it’s about £35 a head.

Numidie is at 48 Westow Hill, Crystal Palace, London SE19 1RX. More details here
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