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Portrait of Zoe of Ghana Kitchen

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is leaving Pop Brixton

And they’re having one last Ghanaian-style blowout before they go

Eating & Drinking

MUST DO: a “fabulous” feast in Battersea

All this week you’re invited to roam St John’s Hill for the good value menus on offer. Plus: a foodie bash this weekend

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Heard about South London Cares?

Programme Coordinator Tess Young on why you should consider volunteering for this valuable community asset in Southwark and Lambeth


How ‘unhealthy’ is south London?

Today’s report into which UK high streets feature the most ‘bad’ shops raises an inevitable question: how have our beloved local scuzzy thoroughfares ranked?


MUST DO: Deptford Lounge’s third birthday

Celebrations kicked off last weekend. Here’s why you should support this pioneering south-east community hub


Lovers’ Rock: 15 brilliant photos from 1970s Lewisham

Images of Lewisham residents taken in 1977 from new book by photographer John Goto


Lovers’ Rock: check out these portraits from 1970s Lewisham

A series of evocative images of Lewisham residents taken in 1977 are captured in a new book

Eating & Drinking

Why It Matters: eating your Local Greens

It all started with two mums who wanted to provide their neighbourhood with seasonal veg grown as near as possible to south east London…


In Pictures: waiting at Camberwell’s #36 bus stop

If you stand still for long enough – especially close to home – the picture will come to you. And that’s just what one photographer did for this documentary project


Free weekend? Explore secret Camberwell

Photographer and SE5 resident Tom Leighton shares his guide to “secret” Camberwell with us – the best but not best-known places locally to shop, eat, drink, listen or just hang around